Private air charter flights are becoming more and more popular and accessible these days. If we look deeper into the industry, we will find that there are a lot more advantages and benefits that make private jets so special and highly recommended. Most people think that flying by private jet is only available for the upper class or elite. But the truth is that private air travel is more accessible now than ever. The industry is evolving and new options are emerging that most people aren’t aware about. One of the most significant reasons for using private aircraft is that they help you make faster trips to your destination.

But this post isn’t exactly about renting private jets; it’s about putting your small business into the Big Jet and helping you achieve your business goals faster and with the most cost effective means. First, as a startup or small business enterprise, it’s important to recognize that without promoting your goods and services, your business won’t be visible, you won’t get enough customers early enough in your startup stage to generate profits that will keep you going.

Digital Marketing is to a business what a Private Jet is to a Journey

Digital marketing is a great way to get faster trips for your business and put more of your goods and services in the hands of both local and global customers.  It’s highly measurable which means that you will spend less money on marketing channels that don’t work and it’s highly targeted so that you aren’t spending money on people that are less likely to be your customers.

Here are a few reasons why digital marketing is your next big and best ever move:

There are currently over 115.9 million Nigerians with active internet access. What this means is that a greater percentage of your current and prospective customers are online. A recent study showed that 82% of consumers use the internet to find goods and services, compare prices, get directions, and find business phone numbers. 

With just a small budget, you can reach as many people with the clicks of your computer mouse. It does not matter where your business is located, you can access more customers from anywhere in the world.

Digital marketing makes it possible for you to directly target people who are best suited for the goods and services you render. With digital marketing, you can decide what age group, gender, behavior and geographic location to show your adverts to.

Modern marketers are spoiled by the amount of data available to us today. Thanks to online marketing we can track who interacted with our campaign, to what degree, at what time, on what device, from what source, and from where. Some resources even allow us to learn the online habits and personality of the people responding to our ads. This tracking only improves over time; as the number of campaigns you send out increases, the more accurate your data will be.

Online media has far more reliable measurement tools than traditional media, as costs are measured based on actual interactions with ads instead of estimated reach. Payment models such as Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Visit mean that you can directly relate costs with revenue, and have a far more accurate ROI than previously possible. However, some margin of error still exists, as a consumer may purchase your product as a result of years of advertising, though not directly associated with a campaign

Automation not only makes your job easier, but it also allows you to immediately respond to customer interactions. Many marketing automation softwares allow you to track your website traffic and send emails to your customers immediately after a certain interaction, providing them with more information about a product, reminding them to complete a purchase, or to even sign up for a webinar on a relevant topic. Automation also helps you manage long term interactions with a customer, thanks to long term rules, such as calls-to-action set 3 months after a certain interaction.




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